The team from the subsidiary company of ALLOPHARM won the competition for best innovative projects of 2017 in the category «The best innovative idea». Congratulations!

The American scientific journal «PLOS one» published an article about the Allopharm’s developments
A new project from the company «Allopharm» received the status of participant of «Skolkovo».
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Specialists of the small innovative enterprise «Entomed SPbGU» under the leadership of Yakovlev Andrey Yuryevich won the competition for innovative projects in the category «The best scientific innovative idea». On September 20th, authors for the «Biotechnology for obtaining veterinary drugs and diagnostic reagents on the basis of components of the immune system of insects» project received an award at a ceremony as part of the X St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.

The peculiarity of such preparations is that natural components from the larvae of meat flies serve as the main active ingredient for them.

In particular, the antimicrobial substance obtained by the research team is a complex of peptides with direct antibacterial activity produced by cells from the immune system of the larva in response to microbial contamination. The key property of the «natural» complex of peptide antibiotics is the ability to destroy bacterial films. This makes it promising for the treatment of a number of infectious diseases of both agricultural and domestic animals.

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