Allopharm developments have attracted the interest of the scientific community of South Korea

Scientists have found a way to extend the era of antibiotics
Allopharm was the organizer of an international meeting of scientists and entrepreneurs
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A meeting with our foreign colleagues took place in Seoul and began with a scientific discussion, the key participants in which were Dr. Sergey Ivanovich Chernysh, Head of the Laboratory of Biopharmacology and Immunology of Insects of St. Petersburg State University and Wang Jae Lee — a Professor from the Medical College of Seoul National University, as well as a member of the Korean and American Immunological Associations. Within the framework of the meeting, a research group from Allopharm was invited to the Seoul National University.
Such high interest from the scientific community of Korea in projects from Russian scientists has attracted the attention of the commercial sector. The event ended with a press conference held in the «63» conference center. Members of the delegation signed an agreement for the intention of cooperation between representatives of Korean business and the Allopharm company.

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