Allopharm was the organizer of an international meeting of scientists and entrepreneurs

Allopharm developments have attracted the interest of the scientific community of South Korea
Allostatin® has been successfully tested against pancreatic cancer in South Korea
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On September a meeting between representatives of science and business from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Russia was held in St. Petersburg. This time, our foreign colleagues came on a reciprocal visit to discuss the details of further cooperation and expand the scope of engagement.
As part of the discussion, Mr. Imai Masayuki — a professor at Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan), Mr. Wang Jae Lee — Professor of the Medical College of the Seoul National University and Sergei Ivanovich Chernysh — Head of the Laboratory of Biopharmacology and Immunology of Insects at the St. Petersburg State University discussed issues relating to the creation of qualitatively new drugs through cooperative work.

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