Allostatin® has been successfully tested against pancreatic cancer in South Korea

In early 2019, a South Korean company received the rights to use the Allostatin® molecule to treat certain types of cancer. By October, pilot studies on […]

Allopharm was the organizer of an international meeting of scientists and entrepreneurs

On September a meeting between representatives of science and business from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Russia was held in St. Petersburg. This time, our foreign […]

Allopharm developments have attracted the interest of the scientific community of South Korea

A meeting with our foreign colleagues took place in Seoul and began with a scientific discussion, the key participants in which were Dr. Sergey Ivanovich Chernysh, […]

Scientists have found a way to extend the era of antibiotics

The report about a new discovery of our scientist has released on the TV channel “Saint Petersburg” (Russia). “Antimicrobial cocktail” – it is the name of […]

The international scientific journal «Infection and Drug Resistance» published an article about «Allopharm» developements

The article «Biofilm infections between Scylla and Charybdis: interaction of antibiotics with host antimicrobial peptides» is the result of joint work of employees from Allopharm and […]

A new project from the company «Allopharm» received the status of participant of «Skolkovo».

The project «Development of medical products and preparations based on natural antimicrobial peptides that prevent the formation of biofilms by microorganisms» was recognized by experts of […]