Allostatin® has been successfully tested against pancreatic cancer in South Korea

In early 2019, a South Korean company received the rights to use the Allostatin® molecule to treat certain types of cancer. By October, pilot studies on […]

Allopharm developments have attracted the interest of the scientific community of South Korea

A meeting with our foreign colleagues took place in Seoul and began with a scientific discussion, the key participants in which were Dr. Sergey Ivanovich Chernysh, […]

Scientists have found a way to extend the era of antibiotics

The report about a new discovery of our scientist has released on the TV channel “Saint Petersburg” (Russia). “Antimicrobial cocktail” – it is the name of […]

The international scientific journal «Infection and Drug Resistance» published an article about «Allopharm» developements

The article «Biofilm infections between Scylla and Charybdis: interaction of antibiotics with host antimicrobial peptides» is the result of joint work of employees from Allopharm and […]